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Wild Harvest Chaga Mushroom Products for your Holistic,life style!

Chaga Mushroom is not only the "King of Mushrooms" it is the "King of Natural Foods"!

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Wild Harvested Chaga Mushroom Chunks. One pound. Holistic Tea!

 Chaga Mushroom Chunks - 1 Pound
Chaga Mushroom Chunks - 1 Pound
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Chaga Holistic Products

Our fresh Chaga Mushroom Chunks are harvested from the Wilderness of Western Maine and air dried and cut into ready to use tea chunks, measuring approximately 1" to 2 1/2" in diameter. They come in a one pound paper bag.

All Natural, and Holistic!

Brewing Instructions for Chaga Mushroom Chunks

Step 1. Use one Chaga Mountain Mushroom Chunk for every 4 cups of water. Place desired Mushroom Chunks into cold, fresh, filtered water, and bring to a roaring boil in a pan or teapot.

Step 2. Once water has reached a roaring boil, reduce heat to a simmer and place cover on pan or teapot for a minimum of 20 minutes. Simmer time is dependent upon how strong you wish to make your tea. The longer you simmer the Chaga Chunks, the stronger the tea will be. We recommend simmering for one to four hours to get the most constituents out of the Chaga, however you can make adjustments to get the strength you wish.

Step 3. After simmering for desired time, pour into favorite cup and enjoy!

Our Chaga Mushrooms are 100 % pure. We wild harvest our Chaga Mushrooms fresh from the remote wilderness mountains of Western Maine. We carefully handpick each one, selecting our Chaga Mushrooms from only birch trees.

Freshness and purity is always 100% guaranteed!

Canadian Retail Customers

Please contact our distributor in New Brunswick to save on shipping charges and/or customs fees. For specialty Teas and Chaga products contact "Quiet Sitting Teas" in New Brunswick, Canada at jolenecleland@yahoo.com. For French Speaking Customers: Pour l'appel parlant franšais Jim in New Brunswick, Canada 506-735-6103.

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Due to FDA regulations we do not publish scientific research on Chaga.

We at Chaga Mountain strongly urge our visitors and customers to do their own research on Chaga and it's amazing benefits! There is credible information available on Google. Please educate yourselves and your loved ones on this " King of Mushrooms"!

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