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Wild Harvest Chaga Mushroom Products for your holistic life style!

Chaga Mushroom is not only the "King of Mushrooms" it is the "King of Natural Foods"!

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Chaga Mushroom Dual/Double Tincture/Extract.
Double Extraction with grain Alcohol and Water to provide the maximum constituents!

Chaga Mushroom Tincture 2 oz- Inonotus Obliquus<br>Dual/Double Extract
Chaga Mushroom Tincture 2 oz- Inonotus Obliquus
Dual/Double Extract
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Chaga Holistic Products

Chaga Mushroom Wild Crafted-Wild Harvested Tincture-Extract 2 Oz bottle with eye dropper. Double Extraction with grain Alcohol and Water to provide the maximum constituents!

Suggested Use

15 to 20 drops(20 drops equals 1 dropperful Approx.) (1 - 3 times daily)

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