As our web site states, Chaga Mountain is a small family owned and operated business. In 2010 the business was started by my father Rene Guay. Since then he has run that business along with another business, Spirit of the Woods. About two years ago my wife Crystal and I began taking over some of the operational aspects of the business from our home in Scarborough, Maine (3 hours south of Chaga Mountainís hometown of Dennistown, Maine). In September of 2016 Crystal and I decided that a move to my hometown of Dennistown was best for our young family. I resigned from my job as a police officer which I held for 16 years and we made the move north. Crystal and I took over day to day operations of Chaga Mountain at the end of September 2016 and officially became majority owners in January 2017! We are so very excited to continue to produce such an amazing product that my father started 7 years ago. It is our goal to improve and grow the business and add Chaga Mushroom products to our inventory. Crystal and I are still the only employees of the business and we intend to keep it 100% family owned and operated. With this shift in ownership Crystal and I felt it necessary for the future of Chaga Mountain to review everything from the ground up to include pricing, inventory, materials, shipping, web sites and other marketing avenues to name a few. With this review, we have begun the process of making improvements and much needed changes. Our first major announcement is that we will be launching a new and improved web site in the coming days/weeks!! We strongly feel that the new web site will much improved and easier to navigate. We have also decided to eliminate the Chaga dog treat products due to lack of consistency in the final product and our unwillingness to offer a sub-par product. We are also very happy to announce that we are bringing back our incredible lip balms in original, cherry and peppermint flavors! Another change that was not easy to make is our pricing adjustment. As you may remember my father at one point dropped all online pricing to wholesale levels to attract more customers. While this achieved itís objective it has also affected the business in other areas. Areas that are important to the growth and future of our business. My goal as the new President of Chaga Mountain is to maintain the compassion for people and mother nature that my father has always had as a core value. With that in mind and the continued success of Chaga Mountain we are going to be raising prices on some of our products back to a more retail level. I assure you that a lot of research went into the price adjustments and that they were kept as minimal as possible. I also assure you that we at Chaga Mountain are still leaders in the pack when it comes to pricing and quality of our products! The new pricing will go into affect when the new web site is launched. On a more positive note we will be holding a large sale to kick things off on a good note. We will also be conducting different giveaways of some of our products and clothing during this kick off sale. On a closing note Crystal and I would like to sincerely thank all of you who give us your valuable business. It truly is a pleasure to provide you with our products. We would also like to thank my father, Rene Guay for providing our family with this incredible opportunity. It means the world to our family to be following in your very large footsteps Dad! Sincerely Joshua Guay President, Chaga Mountain.

**ATTENTION** Please be aware that effectively immediately we have removed Chaga Dog Treats from our stock. We encourage customers to try the Chaga Pet Extract as an alternative. Thank You for your understanding.

Attention: Stores, Doctors and Health professionals please call in or e-mail your orders. Thank you!

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Wild Harvest Chaga Mushroom Products for your holistic life style!

Chaga Mushroom is not only the "King of Mushrooms" it is the "King of Natural Foods"!

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Chaga Mushroom Dual/Double Tincture/Extract.
Double Extraction with grain Alcohol and Water to provide the maximum constituents!

Chaga Mushroom Tincture 2 oz- Inonotus Obliquus<br>Dual/Double Extract
Chaga Mushroom Tincture 2 oz- Inonotus Obliquus
Dual/Double Extract
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Chaga Holistic Products

Chaga Mushroom Wild Crafted-Wild Harvested Tincture-Extract 2 Oz bottle with eye dropper. Double Extraction with grain Alcohol and Water to provide the maximum constituents!

Suggested Use

15 to 20 drops(20 drops equals 1 dropperful Approx.) (1 - 3 times daily)

Freshness, and purity is 100% Guaranteed Always!

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